CannaHoney was created in 1996 and is a family-owned brand with 100% solar powered facilities in Ventura County, California since 2005 - with an almost zero carbon footprint.

CannaHoney has a delectably bold taste with a floral undertone. You can expect a distinct sweetness that is unique to CannaHoney. Marijuana Market. It was an instant hit. Vegan. Fat-Free. Gluten-Fee.

Today, we have experienced beekeepers who gather CannaHoney from our hives that are strategically-positioned by cannabis flowers in the beautiful farmlands of Ventura County, California.
Every drop of CannaHoney is 100% pure, raw honey that comes straight from the hive. CannaHoney is completely unfiltered and contains natural, powerful antioxidants as well as beneficial nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.


    This batch comes from hives adjacent to Platinum OG, Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze flowers.


    Get your special jar before they're gone.

Buy 3lb Jar

    CannaHoney everyday keeps the doctor away.

CannaHoney Sticks

    CannaHoney Sticks are available in original and CBD.

CannaHoney CBD

    This batch of CannaHoney comes directly from colonies adjacent to ACDC, Cannatonic and Harlequin flowers.

CannaHoney Plus with Super Silver Haze

    CannaHoney Plus is infused with Super Silver crystals.

CannaHoney CBD Plus with Cannatonic

    CannaHoney CBD Plus is infused with Cannatonic crystals.

MariHoney with LA Beatnik

    MariHoney has a unique effect that is energizing during the day and calming in the evening.

MariHoney CBD with ACDC

    MariHoney CBD is a pure, raw honey from sunny So Cal.

CannaHoney Black Label

    Black Label Plus has a potent taste.

CannaHoney Black Label CBD

    Black Label Plus CBD is a delicious delicacy.

CannaHoney-Roasted California Almonds

    CannaHoney-roasted California almonds are a unique and wonderful-tasting gift.