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  • The CannaHoney Story

    In 1996, I put a beehive in the middle of a marijuana grow behind my house in Hermosa Beach, California. The honey bees were obsessed with the cannabis flowers. I saw them go so wild for the Blue Dream, I was worried for the buds. (No need to worry, the buds turned out to be fantastic!) The first time I tried honey from the hive, I noticed a distinct taste and funny feeling in my mouth. After putting a generous amount on a waffle, I experienced a head-to-toe soothing that left me calm and clear-headed. I proclaimed it CannaHoney and began offering it through Marijuana Market in Southern California. It was a hit. We still sell out to this day.

    Today, in 2018, we have experienced beekeepers who gather CannaHoney from large colonies that are strategically-positioned near cannabis grows in the beautiful farmlands of Southern California.

    Every drop of CannaHoney is 100% pure, raw honey that comes straight from the hive. CannaHoney is completely unfiltered and contains natural, powerful antioxidants as well as beneficial nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

    ORIGINAL CannaHoney

      CannaHoney is all-natural, unprocessed wildflower honey made by honey bees who have collected nectar from various "wild" flowers.

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